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February Poem #26

…to kindness

sometimes a smile
a nod or a knowing glance
timed just right, no hint of guile
can give hope a chance
to change heavy hearts from gloom, perchance


February Poem #25

…to unremarkable things

tiny flower buds
the sound puppies snoring
poofy pops of soapy suds
baby’s breath wafting
precious moments that are everything


February Poem #24

…to the wind

making me breathless
stirring my wild tendencies
a whisper, a fierce tempest
power to bend trees
tossing my hair, setting my soul free


February Poem #23

…to weekends

blissful sleeping in
no alarms, no place to be
let the leisure time begin
have a cup of tea
watch a movie, read a book or three


February Poem #22

…to the rain…again

grey skies, damp and cold
musty odor in the air
it’s a breeding ground for mold
water everywhere
a muddy, wet mess, we’re drowning here


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