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December Dodoitsu #27

what need have I for flowers,
fancy gifts or dinners out,
they’re just things, silly, really,
and they are not you


December Dodoitsu #26

identity’s not a what
yet our quick reply to who
refers more to what we do
than to who we are


December Dodoitsu #23-24-25 (Holiday Edition)

‘Tis the Season

hearths ablaze, Yule log crackling
chestnuts popping, caroling,
wassail in a kettle simmering
magic in the air

morning star, fairest mother,
child suckling near her heart,
hope, glad tidings, joy abound
this time, every year

silent night in Luna’s keep
rhythmic laboring waves of love
light’s reflection darkness quelled
peace on earth, go tell


It’s a busy whirl wind right now. So today you get a trio of dodoitsu’s. Have a merry Christmas if you celebrate. Peace! ❤️

December Dodoitsu #22

fifty-two week’s times forty
increments of hours, eight
sixty minutes tick and tock
cherish the moments


December Dodoitsu #21

long night moon, this solstice creeps
midst stars falling, while we sleep
merry bright, may our dreams keep
come dawning of day


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