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Nevermore – NaPoWriMo 2017 #29

Should the stomachs of poor children groan
for each deserves love and a comfortable home;
the freedom to be without cruel sticks and stones.

Should the drumbeats of conflict and war
send our young, future’s promise, to settle the score
of cowardly men who want more and more.

Should the outcast and poor refugee
be loathed and abused, for they deserve to be
welcomed, embraced in community.

Should the old, forgotten, infirmed,
be denied the respect that they’ve rightfully earned.
They’ve lessons to teach if we’ll listen and learn.

Should women be ignored or dismissed
as the weaker of sexes, for I’ll tell you this…
there is no stronger force than an empowered “miss”.

Should we idolize power and spew
our poisonous plans for a cold selfish few
while the rest of us scrape along just to make do.


Now you may think I am being naive
to think things might change if we’d all just believe.
Well I can imagine, that’s what dreamers do.
I know that eventually dreams do come true.
So I hope for a day when our troubles are few;
when the word nevermore is a word never used.


NaPoWriMo 2017 #29 – a poem based on a word from one of my favorite poems by Edgar Allen Poe…The Raven…Nevermore.

Sink or Swim – A Haiku

it’s instinctual
swimming comes naturally
unless you’re a rock 😊

-kat 11 April 2017
For Haiku Horizons prompt word: Swim

Flood – A Haiku

brackish billows swell
surging o’er Tarsus ridge
fervid flood of tears

kat 24 January 2017

For Haiku Horizon’s Haiku Challenge, prompt word: Flood.

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