a sonnet

a sonnet 

take care not to fill that cold space too soon
left in the wake of a visit from death
surrender to wafts of scent left behind
departing remnants of life in a room
savor the sweetness with each inhaled breath
as memories of life shared fill your mind
the world can spin on without you today
turn off your phone, brew some tea, get some rest
focus on you right now, grieving takes time
for some days, months, more; there is no right way
no reason or rhyme


Na/GloPoWriMo2022 - Day 16 Prompt: Write a Curtal Sonnet (see the description below). Since i am deep in the thick of it these days, taking full advantage of the Melancholy Muse who lurks in from the shadows to show her face in times like these. 

The curtal sonnet consists of 10 lines written in iambic pentameter and a final line consisting of a single spondee (or foot consisting of two long or stressed syllables). Here's the rhyme scheme:

Line 1: a
Line 2: b
Line 3: c
Line 4: a
Line 5: b
Line 6: c
Line 7: d
Line 8: b
Line 9: c
Line 10: d
Line 11: c

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