How to write the perfect poem…a tutorial..

How to write the perfect poem…a tutorial.. 

1-This particular ritual is best practiced late evening, an hour or two before bed.

2-First, you must find the leather-bound journal with thick rough-edge, no-line pages that you bought at the mall bookstore on black Friday as a holiday gift to yourself.

2-Rip the cellophane off gently, and fan the pages so you can feel the slightest puff on your face. Close your eyes while savoring the woody aroma of each leaf from cover to cover. Run your fingers along the smooth outer sheath releasing wafts of warm leather.

3-Now fetch your fountain pen with blue peacock resin piston and fine gold nib from the bottom of last year’s purse. You know the one, on the shelf in the walk-in closet, next to the guest towels.

3-Run warm water over chamber to tip letting the ink bleed through your fingers; watch it swirl ‘round the drain of your white porcelain sink.

4-Unpack a fresh cartridge of serenity blue ink and load it into the barrel, popping it into nib unit.

5-Ready-set-not so fast! You need to set the mood…candlelight - one or two candles, three even better.

6-Set the diffuser to continuous flow. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

7- Make yourself a cup of jasmine tea with honey, and settle into your writing spot.

8–Write the date on the upper right corner of the first page or your journal.

9-and wait…

10-and wait…

11-Give your poem at least an hour to percolate.

12-If it is dawdling, curse the Muse, blow out the candles one by one, turn off the diffuser, place your writing instrument diagonally across your notebook, lock the outer doors and settle into bed.

13-When, at 3 am, the witching hour, you are roused from a deep slumber, words spinning, bouncing off the sides of your skull…before your brain turns to mush. grab your smart phone and tap the words onto the screen. This is your poem.


NaPoWriMo 2022- Day 4 Prompt: write a poem . . . in the form of a poetry prompt. What a fun little exercise this was! 

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