Peace for Ukraine

it is too horrible to bear
the evil rained on innocents
by megalomaniacs bent
on spreading terror everywhere
women and children, they don’t care
the world sees with open eyes
the fire falling from the skies
the cities leveled, sirens sound
while families huddle underground
this is how democracy dies

close your eyes and ears
act like everything’s okay…
enough! i cannot


Napowrimo 2022 Day Three - Off Topic. I just couldn’t bring myself to lift entire stanzas of work from another poet. I know what it’s like to bleed for those words and lines that fit together just so. I gave it a go, spent hours perusing anonymous’ poems and public domain listings…but my initial feeling was the same. It is unlike blackout poetry where one lifts a random word here and there to create something new. And so here is a late entry for the third day, on a matter that tears at my heart, as it must for many of you. Peace to you…oh let there be peace.

The poetry forms i’m using here are the Décima and Haibun.

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