and the count continues…

I don’t know who came up with this meme, but it’s been making the rounds. I think it’s brilliant. One caption said, “This is what we know so far.” Yep.

and the count continues…

there seems to be no end in sight
conspirators wait at the gate
provoked by lies, aroused by hate
sycophants brace for one last fight
while others try to do what’s right
we wait, we angst, we bite our nails,
holding our breath, we can’t exhale
but it will all be over soon
we’ll soon be rid of this buffoon
with any luck he’ll land in jail

the cold air is thin
naked tree limbs poke the sky
leaves fall letting go


For Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge – Prompt Word: EXHALE – C-Line Rhyme, combined with the Weekly Haiku Challenge – Prompt Words: COLD/FALL.

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