Oviellejo 27-28

starve a cold…

seasonally challenged am I
I can’t deny

when the first snap of cold air comes
I succumb

to stuffy headed coughing crud
become a slug

drinking hot toddies by the jug
out of commission, days on end
hiding away while on the mend
I can’t deny I succumb, become a slug

and yet there’s something glorious
though I may fuss

red-nosed sniffling, head in a vise
it is so nice

to feel the breezes, cool and dry
to close my eyes

it’s time to bid summer goodbye
this ruddy interlude between
wintery white and summer green
though I may fuss, it is so nice to close my eyes


True story…pass the spiked tea and honey please….

The Oviellejo is an Old Spanish verse form (derived from ovillo, a ball of yarn). A stanza consists of 10 lines, with a rhyme scheme of AABBCCCDDC. The second line of each rhyme scheme, Line 2,4,6, is short line of up to 5 syllables. The last line is a “redondilla,” a “little round” that collects all three of the short lines.

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