Autumn – Stanza 15

burst forth in salutations for these pious few of note
grace, humility, compassion stirred their hearts and
souls; some were royal born, some were royal wed,
a full life they all lived then to the nunnery they fled
sainted, miracles post-death, their legacies are legend


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Stanza Challenge.

In my ancestry searches, I’ve come across several saints in my family tree. These are the women saints that I have discovered so far. It was not uncommon for women of royalty to take an interest in charitable work and building abbeys throughout Europe. Once their children were grown and their husbands gone (for they often outlived them) these ladies would “get thee to a nunnery”…or as the records show, they would retire to the abbeys they had built. Sainthood was always bestowed upon them posthumously, as witnesses began to report miracles associated with them. Above are the pictures of my great-greats who left such a legacy.

St Helena (b249-d330) 57th Great
St Dode Clothilde (b490-d540) 48th Great
St Itta (b592-d693) 45th Great
St Marie (b605-d677) 45th Great
St Begga (b613-d692) 44th Great
St Irmina (b650-d706) 44th Great
St Elgiva (b922-d944) 36th Great
St Margaret Atheling (b1045-d1093) 35th Great

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