42 – Day 1


I wonder what you’re thinking

grey, fluffy cat, looming,
eyes wide, black; tail twitching

could it be you’re plotting
your escape, or my demise
I know, I know…it’s dinner time


For Jane Dougherty’s May Daily Poetry Challenge “42”. This one is tricky. We start with a Cherita which is a short poem that tells a story. It consists of a one-line stanza, followed by a two-line stanza, and then finishing with a three-line stanza. Sounds easy, right? Jane added an extra challenge. For May’s Cherita? the first line asks a question or makes a statement that begs a question, the second stanza/two lines sets the scene or the background, the last stanza/three lines answers the question or resolves it in some way.

The hardest part for me was coming up with a question! Fortunately I live in a house full of animals. They are always doing things that make me wonder. One question down, 30 more to go. Maybe we’ll solve the mystery of the universe this month. Or maybe not. Thanks Jane. This one’s a challenge. And you know I love a good one. 🙂

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