PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

“They don’t make shoes like they used ta’. Why, when I was a shoeshina’, folks had one good pair fa’ work, anotha’ fa’ Sundays, an’ slippas fa’ home. I could coax a nickel shine outa any fine piece o’ leatha’. That was my spot right there. It was a good first job for a young scrappa’ like me. Kep’ me outa trouble, Mama said. She was probly right.”

“What are you jabbering about Gramps?! Trains coming. Gotta go!”

“I was jes’ gonna show you…aw, neva’ mind. Things jes’ aint the same. Mighty shame that is. Mighty shame.”

“Gramps!!! Come. ON!”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Challenge inspired by the photo above by Sarah Potter.

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