The Fixer-Upper

PHOTO PROMPT Β© J Hardy Carroll

“It has potential.”

“Um, if you say so.”

“Picture this John. The kitchen goes here.” Molly tossed a shelf out of the way, sweeping her arms to display her vision. “This space is perfect for an open floor plan. Just look at those rafters! The bathroom is already plumbed. We just need new fixtures and…and…”

“Molly, you said ‘we’. You remember I’m an accountant right? I don’t know anything about…”

Molly laughed and nuzzled into him, “I know, silly. We can afford a contractor at this price. So…?

He couldn’t say no. “Well, looks like we bought a warehouse house!”

(100 Words)

For Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction challenge inspired by this photo by  J. Hardy Carroll.

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