Queen of Hearts

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she wears a heart of sterling silver,  pulsing, throbbing, blood-gorged sinew,
bejeweled art on a gilded, dainty chain, bleeding, breaking, burning, skipping,
a filigreed, embellished reproduction, nestled deep beneath bone and flesh.
it dangles from her neck for all to see, sometimes she wears her heart on her sleeve
it’s just an illusion, a token, messy emotions, hot, cold, spewing, searing,
that says, “love of mine, remember me”, the dark, the light, fierce honesty, authenticity.
dreamers wear hearts of sterling silver, it takes a strong, fearless soul to bear it.

Peace and Love,
~ kat

(A Cleave Poem – To be read three ways. Column One, top to bottom; Column Two, top to bottom and each line across, top to bottom.)

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