Twittering Tales #31 – 23 May 2017


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt, and your mission, if you choose to play along, is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less. If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.

A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt. Have Fun!

Twittering Tale #30 – The Round-Up


Photo titled “Calm” from

From Michael at Morpethroad:

It was a symbol she knew it instantly.

Fate was tipping in her favour?

He’ll be pleased she thought as she stripped off, clean undies and all. 

(140 characters)

From Reena at ReInventions:

“The laws of physics do not govern the world”, opined the lady “Art and artists will always have their way.” The water in the glass smirked.

(140 characters)

From Kathryn at Another Foodie Blogger:

In anger the witch slammed the glass of water hard on the table, unleashing her frozen spell. Unfortunately, she forgot to exempt herself.

(137 Characters)

From Soul Connection at Through My Heartweb:

He never believed Planchet,Friends forced to join.Mins later,moment he removed finger frm a coin,Half filled Glass on table started Shaking.

(140 Characters)

From Willow at Willow 21:

It was a silent  still night the moon was full he could count the stars.
On the table his glass began to wobble he knew at once, avalanche.
(139 Characters)

From Kitty at Kitty’s Verses:

A sip is all, to quench our thirst,
Need we worry about the glass being half empty or full?
Or is it for others that we are concerned?
(133 Characters)

From Di at Pensitivity:

Forever an optimist, half full or half empty, she knew where to top her glass up.

However, getting the angle right was another matter.

(133 characters)

From Irena at Books and Hot Tea:

“Small earthquake, I guess,” she shrugged.

The ghost sighed. He’s been giving her signs ever since she summoned him. She’s never noticed.

(136 characters)

From Lorraine at In 25 Words More or Less:

Sent remembories, he twitted.

She blinked back the past: “up” Magnetic Hill and Indigo Girls.

Bittersweet magic; his twisted glass of road trips.

(142; 23)

From Kirst at Kirst Writes:

The mother of all hangovers, yet again. He was getting too old for this. Reached for the water… oops! Could’a sworn that glass was level.

137 characters

…and my twitter tale:

“It’ll be fun,” he said. 3 days at sea, 4 more to go, she glanced at the glass of water on the table. The thought of a sip made her sick!
(137 Characters)

Great Job everyone! Another fine roundup. You all have quite the imaginations! 😉 On to this week’s photo prompt from Pixabay. I figure this guy has a few stories to tell. Hope you have fun with this one. See you next week!

Twittering Tales #31 – 23 May 2017


“Police” from

Some retirement! After 40 years, all he got was a gold watch and a “good luck.” But he felt useful and it was better than bagging groceries.

(140 Characters)

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