Just Desserts


“What’ll it be ladies?” Joe asked.

“Dessert!” Sue smiled.

“Something sweet! But not too sweet.” Julie sighed.

“Come on Julie,” Debra chided, “go for it! We’re celebrating!”

“Oh yeah? Whatcha celebratin’?” Joe asked as he displayed his sweetest pies to three sets of wide eyes.

Sue declared proudly, “Well, we have lost a total of 100 pounds between us!”

“Wow! I’m guessing you want whipped cream on top?”

Julie giggled, “Yes sir!”

Joe winked, “Coming right up!”

From a table nearby a child whined, “Mama, why can’t I have just desserts?”

The diner’s patrons burst into laughter and applause.

(99 Words)

For Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

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