Troubled – A Rondeau

Oh, let not your hearts be troubled my dears
when storm clouds loom, there is nothing to fear.
Remember that they are temporary,
brief forces of nature just rattling trees.
       The sky will soon become bright blue and clear.

For tempests are blowhards, or so I hear,
bag-o-wind braggarts who blast in our ears,
minor annoyances, blustering bullies,
easily flustered, weak and unruly
       Oh, let not your hearts be troubled

Here’s a suggestion when chaos comes near:
Fire up the hearth, or chill out, grab a beer,
slip on your galoshes, go on a spree.
Stomp every puddle with child-like glee.
Radiate love when a whirlwind appears.
       Oh, let not your hearts be troubled

~kat – 11 February 2017
(A Rondeau)

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