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The Brightest Star



Photo by ©Jess Mann

The Brightest Star

I used to wish upon the brightest star
that you and I would love eternally
on nights we’d sit at water’s edge til dawn
and dream about the future you and me
but stars cannot be trusted with our dreams
they’re just a pale reflection of the past
illusions of a light that’s long since died
and proof that nothing in this world lasts
‘twas just a silly wish I held onto
that I would never walk this path alone
but fate usurped star’s power in the end
the reaper took his cue and called you home
I still sit by the river late at night
but not to wish or dream as lovers do
I seek the brightest star that I can find
and wonder to myself if it is you.

kat ~ 31 August 2016

This poem is in response to Jane Dougherty’s Challenge to write a metered poem in Tetrameter (four beats to the line) or Pentameter (five beats). I chose the latter and while it was not compulsory for my poem to rhyme, it ended up that way. It reads like a ballad…a throwback to my songwriting days. The prompt words that Jane suggested are Stars, Night and Water and the photo prompt above is loaned to us by ©Jess Mann.



April Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #8

Today’s form is the Triolet. I like this form because it contains a repeating refrain throughout. It gives the piece a romantic flair. The form seems simple enough. A Triolet contains 8 lines, usually written in iambic tetrameter (the common way) – 8 syllables with four metrical feet (or as I like to call them ‘Heartbeats’…da-dum da-dum da-dum dadum).  Or if you’re looking for a challenge, iambic pentameter (the English version) – as it’s name suggests (penta), this version has 10 syllables per line with five metrical feet. The Rhyme scheme is ABaAabAB (with the capital letter lines repeating – or in other words, line one repeats at line 4 and line 7 and line 2 repeats at line 8)

Of course I like a challenge! 🙂 So I tried the British version. Repetition of the lines does make it rather melancholy. Or perhaps it was the topic I chose…Poor old sap fell head over heels only to be turned away.  It’s a quite common scenario you know. Such is the drama of love…:)



you glowed so like a candle in the night
flashing licks of amber wooing me
like moth to flame is drawn into the light
you glowed so like a candle in the night
I tried to turn away with all my might
as I drew near, you swiftly set me free
you glowed so like a candle in the night
flashing licks of amber wooing me.

kat ~ 8 April 2016


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