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This Is Sixty

I celebrate my sixtieth year on the planet this week…and I’m just getting started! ❤️

Bring me Noodles and
Peaches and Diamonds
for this Jubilee! I am
Metal, Fire, Water,
Earth, and Wood…I am
Virgo and Venus, a Lover
and a Devil, Matriarch
and Crone, a full-cycled
Soul embarking on a
new wave of Harmony,
Peace, Justice and
Truth…a whirling
dervish of Fibonacci
perfected Chaos oozing
Harmony, Balance and
Nurture for I am
Wisdom and Grace,
a Red Rose in full
bloom. I am Winter.
A mere Three-Score,
Composite of Abundance,
a Sexagenarian measured
in seconds and minutes,
cubits and talents, in vertex
angles of unilateral
triangles and buckyballs…
I am ancient…I am
timeless! And I am a
Kosher Babyboomer
Daughter, Sister, Mother,
Friend…Grandmother, Anam
Cara, Soul Mate, Twin…
I am Love and Magic,
the sum of decades
of experience, still
young enough to
reap the rewards…So
I’ll nap when I need to,
go bra-less, wear less
make-up, more flat
shoes and comfortable
clothes, and I’ll play
more, worry less and
shed whatever no
longer makes me
happy. This is what
sixty looks like,
instructions no longer
needed. I finally love
this familiar soft skin
that I’m in and my
graying locks…and
one more thing…
I don’t want anyTHING
for this milestone
birthday…I will
have a plate of
sweet red velvet
cake and most of
all I just want YOU.

kat ~ 28 May 2016

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