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Sweat Bee Smitten – A Haiku

A bit of fun with TJ’s new prompt format. This week for his Household Haiku challenge… a word and a photo with the suggestion to choose one or both. The Word Prompt: Dew and the photo pictured here…and here is my little Haiku tale…

“Welcome to my pad,”
said Sweat Bee to Miss Dew Drop,
“Dawn looks swell on you!”

kat – 14 June 2016

Grace at Dawn

I’ll take
my diamonds at
dawn, chartreuse,
dewy, baubles…and sip
tea, honey sweet, serenaded
by trillers, warblers, and
cooing mourners, hints
of honeysuckle, lavender
and freesia on the
breeze…for I would be
remiss to miss such
bliss, this gift
of morning

kat ~ 30 May 2016

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