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A Cleave Poem for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge “Message in a Bottle” with the prompt words: ethereal, placid, meander, forget, silver.

A cleave poem is three poems in one. To read it, start with the first “column” (in plain text) from top to bottom, then read the second (in bold italics), and finally read each line all the way across. In this Cleave poem there are two stories to tell, worlds apart until the message in a bottle connects them. It is serendipitous! 🙂

I found your message do you think of me?
as I meandered along the placid sea I know you are there
under the silver moon somewhere in the ethereal mist
I have sensed your presence forever so I wrote my heart
visiting my dreams, azure strokes of ink on parchment
your kisses on the cool breeze trusting destiny’s providence
waves caressing my feet to deliver this message
as the sun sets past the horizon on some distant shore
where you wait…and now I wait.

kat ~ 18 May 2016

Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday. It was a very early morning here! My partner is having back surgery today so the sights and sounds today are from the hospital!!! Hope you have a great day. I may post mor pics later in the day…these are from the crack of dawn!!! To see other neighborhoods click HERE. Jacqueline our gracious hostess has some fantastic photos this week! 😊

This morning it was about an 8…😕…   
They are very accommodating of technology…

 Can’t get comfortable…almost time… 

Hospital stuff…  


And we wait…

…and it’s all good! Now just waiting for an overnight room…

More scenes from the hospital…

Heading back in after a quick lunch…

Going up…


Universal icons?!!! 


A room with a view!

 Have a great day wherever you are!


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