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she paints the cobalt sky with light
a gift of stars for wanderers
bright hope for weary travelers
to guide them through the dark of night

to help them set their course aright
to lead them on a path secure
she paints the cobalt sky with light
a gift of stars for wanderers

soaring on the wind she takes flight
to rise up to Valhalla’s shore
to lead brave heroes slain in war
to their reward for well-fought fights
she paints the cobalt sky with light.

Kat ~ 22 July 2016

A Rondel for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge based on the photo above by John Bauer and by the prompt words: Star, Gift, Wander, Soaring, Cobalt.

Rainbow Passage – A Haiku

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompt is: Rainbow.



More than a rainbow
for souls called to Valhalla,
passage to Asgard.

kat ~ 11 May 2016

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