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September Poem #30

just breathe
inhale, exhale,
you are having a moment
right here, right now, you are present
listen…there is birdsong


September Poem #29

the survivors,
unearthing buried mem’ries,
wounds too deep to heal unaided,
none to stop the bleeding


September Poem #28

of mockery
whispering roar, piercing hearts
blubbering, belligerent rage
truth hid, on holiday


Congress corrupted…check. Laughing stock of the world…check. Media slandered…check. The 1% richer…check. Natural resources squandered…check. The Supreme Court’s integrity destroyed…check. Allies dismissed, enemies embraced…check, check, check. Democracy dies a slow, ugly death, does it not?

September Poem #27

a truth’s
regarded through subjective
lenses is easily dismissed
as smoke with no fire


September Poem #25

sixty seconds
tick tock so very slowly
but only when I am waiting
never when I am late


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