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‘til death

…’til death

distant light
dark days
cynics in love
the other side
of invisible
the girl smiles
mr. and mrs.
first day


For Mind LoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Sunday Writing Prompt. “It’s all in the title.” I liked them all!made for an interesting found poem. Here are the titles:

A Distant Hum
Light Interrupted
Hollow Entreaty
Dark Days: Biography of a Self-Professed Cynic
Suddenly in Love
The Otherside of Nothing
Invisible Roommates
The Girl with the Cast Iron Smile
Mr. and Mrs. Deadtree
The First Day

Faith Restored

To the WomanWho Told Me to Have a Nice Day…

I can’t forget what
you did…forgive me,
I never got your name, but
I wish I had, so
I could thank you for
being you, for doing
what you did that day,
without even trying, no
hint of forced intention,
that’s just who you are…
with a helping hand,
a ready smile, and a word
of encouragement in
the midst of my shitty day…
I can’t forget what
you did…forgive me,
I never got your name, but
I wish I had, so
I could thank you

For SundayWriting Prompt “Faith Restored”. The challenge: With allthe negativity in the world at the moment I thought we could all take a momentto recognize the heroes in our lives, people who have restored our faith inhumanity when all hope seemed lost.

Youneed not know the person personally just so long as they had an impact on yourlife or the life of someone near and dear to you.

Cursed Clock

cursed clock

i hate you
but i need you so,
without you,
i’d be lost
in my dreams, never waking


For Sunday’s Writing Prompt: Ordinary Things. Write a story (I wrote a shadorma poem) where an ordinary, everyday object plays a significant role.


Almacon @Deviant Art


become invisible
like wraiths at the
window, watch
and learn for
there is virtue
in silence and
much to be gleaned
from the elders
who suffer the
perils of a
guilty conscience…
death of desire, hounded
by voices in brimstone
are the secrets
only children
only if spoken to


For Mind, Love, Misery Menagerie’s Sunday Writing Prompt: Choose one or more titles and construct a poem or story around it:
Voices in Brimstone
The Dissonant Heart
Wraiths at the Window
Secrets Only Children Know
The Automaton Who Became Self-Aware
The Perils of a Guilty Conscious
The Virtue of Silence
The Crying River
Death of Desire
Eliza Happenstance



I’m doing just fine
I wake up each day; I’m living, breathing
I’m doing just fine
sometimes I let myself think of the times
we still talked, and I give in to grieving
smile on my face, it’s me I’m deceiving
I’m doing just fine


A Rondelet for Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt, prompt word: Recovery. A Rondelet is a French form consisting of a single septet with two rhymes and one refrain: AbAabbA. The refrain is written in tetra-syllabic or dimeter and the other lines are twice as long – octasyllabic or tetrameter.

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