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“Just tell me Doc. After all we’ve been through, I can take it.”

“I’m so sorry America. We thought the cancer was in remission, but I’m afraid it is back and it appears to have metastasized.”

“What does that mean? Is there anything we can do?”

“Well America, it’s very serious. I can’t know for certain until we do more tests, but your symptoms of late indicate that the cancer is affecting your brain. Your ability to reason will continue to fade. You will cease to remember lessons from the past. It is very likely that you will begin to hallucinate…to see things things that aren’t there, to believe things that aren’t true. Left untreated, it is quite possible that you may resort to violent outbursts, especially when you feel threatened by others that don’t see what you’re seeing or believe what you’ve come to believe. You might even lash out at those who love you most. You will be overcome by irrational fear causing you to isolate yourself more and more.”

“Oh Doc, is there nothing we can do? We beat this thing once, or at least we thought we did. This time seems so much worse than the last time.’

“Well America, there is one course we can try. It’s experimental and controversial but I can assure you that if we take aggressive action now we might at least save your soul.”

“My soul?”

“Yes America, it has come to that.”

“Well do it Doc. Whatever it takes. What’s next?”

“We must be swift, decisive and focused, but I do believe there is hope. The treatment involves your heart, America. It needs to be opened up completely, softened and allowed to bleed out.”

“That sounds too extreme. Won’t that kill me?”

“No America. It’s the only way to remove the cancer. Do you trust me?”

“And if we don’t do this, how long do I have?”

“Less than a month America. I’m afraid if we don’t treat this aggressively now, you will lose the battle this time.”

“Okay Doc…I need to think about it. I’ll get back to you, okay?”

(America never returned to the clinic. Eventually he lost feeling in half of his body. Just as the doctor had predicted, America started to suffer violent outbursts, shunning anyone who tried to convince him to get help, to see what he was doing to himself. Ultimately, he even rejected those who loved him, growing more fearful and isolated as the end grew near. In the final stages his heart grew harder and harder until it just stopped beating. It was a terrible death. A regrettable, senseless death that could have been avoided. But it was America’s choice ultimately. May he…may we Rest In Peace.)

kat ~ 16 October 2016

Change & Mind Haiku


Change in the snackbox
had a mind for something sweet
got salty instead!

🙂 kat ~ 18 August 2016

It’s been a while since I entered a haiku for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge – Prompt Words: Change & Mind. Couldn’t resist! I’ve lived this scenario way too many times!

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