So…if you read last Sunday’s post, you will know that we were on a mission to save four kittens from under our porch. And the mama too, to get her spayed and find a home for all. But our mission last week was bittersweet because the lone black kitten got away.

I’ve been working on gaining the trust of the mama cat, hoping she would lead us to the lone little kitten who got away and today we had a breakthrough! He/she is alive and well under the neighbor’s porch.

Needless to say we will commence operation rescue kitties part 2 today! Also on my list…getting a larger litter box! These little rascals can sure eat and POOP! Welcome to my world…as I’ve said, I live in a zoo! Here’s a snapshot of my resident critters…

Apparently strays and wildlife have our number! Hey…what’s a few more mouths to feed!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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