the great reshuffle

the great reshuffle 

soot dusted space
morning sun glare
floor to ceiling windows
leak streaked inside
from too much rain
cubicle of cubicles
the corporate sweatshop
that devoured me

down, down, downsized
from a one hundred year old
money-trap, a thousand
square feet of accumulated
stuff to lose, memories are
not things, to a forever home
in the Blue Ridge foothills with
undressed windows, ambient green

the pandemic, people were dying,
they told us, “pack everything,
work from home”, a few weeks
turned into months into years
from cubicle to corner nook
sheltered, stir crazy, in place
hummingbirds at the window
squirrels in the hickory trees

i don’t miss the commute
from dark dawn to dark dusk
the break room chatter,
gossip, office politics ugly
they’re telling us, “pack everything,
come back to the cubicles”, but
i have decided to stay where life has
balance, home where my heart is


NaPoWriMo 2023  Challenge Day Twenty-Three: write a poem of your own that has multiple numbered sections. Attempt to have each section be in dialogue with the others, like a song where a different person sings each verse, giving a different point of view. Set the poem in a specific place that you used to spend a lot of time in, but don’t spend time in anymore.

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