ash to ashes

ash to ashes

i know how it feels to stand tall like an
ailing tree, to push every ounce of life
from my core, to bloom on the outside
because that’s what trees do,
to dig my shallow roots into the clay,
to bend brittle limbs, to break,
with every gust of wind, clinging
to who i was born to be, though
imagining the dream has begun
to fade…i know…and yet there are
moments when i remember once
upon this fragile life, my head was
lush and green, dancing on the breeze,
golden sunrises and sunsets in crimson
and purple, starry nights, the moon
full and bright, how many seasons
i have weathered, how many autumns
practiced letting go, letting go, letting go,
how many winters rested in the cool,
crisp silence of new fallen snow,
how many springs, burst into buds,
blooming, providing shelter for nestlings
near my heart, rocking them gently
in the crook my branches, how many
glorious summers, ah sweet summer,
even now as i fade to dust, i revel
in warmth and drink in the cool rain
life has been good, life is good,
every day precious, every day a gift
yes, i know how it feels old tree…i know


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