A Cleave poem for today. Three poems in one. Read the first section top to bottom, then the next top to bottom and finally, read each line in full top to bottom.


years of oppression / reeking of privilege
have led to this moment / opportunistic instigators
they gathered in peace / seeking to cause unrest
to appeal for change / their racism and hate exposed
to be treated equally / inflamed by an impotent president
to feel safe in their own country / take up arms
to take their place as citizens / there can be no peace
it is not too much to ask / as long as fear
basic, human dignity, justice / incites violence
healing from trauma / a population asleep
the American dream / seduced by lies of greatness
accessible to all / meant for the few
people of good will / the different others
stand beside their sisters and brothers / must be contained
enough is enough / kept in their place
the tide is changing / to make America great again


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