mornings like this

mornings like this

on mornings like this, roused by the dawn
dreams fade away like mist o’er the swale
there’s no sleeping in, no lingering
the birds in the trees break into song
squirrels scamper, the hinds are grazing,
staying in bed right now would be wrong
wafts of fresh coffee swirl in the air
bleary-eyed, give it a stretch and a yawn
feet to the floor, breathe deeply, exhale
there’s no sleeping in, no lingering
the days won’t wait, in a blink they’re gone


Magic 11 poem – my variation on the Magic 9 poem, a 9-line poem that doesn’t have any rules as far as meter or subject matter–just a rhyme scheme: abacadaba. Enter the Magic 11 abracadabra poem with the r’s intact, placeholders for a refrain. Rhyme scheme: abRacadabRa. (R for the refrain).

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