Tuesday with the Muse…”mother”



my mother is everywhere
among the things I return to
engrained in memory
forever open to me
then closed, hidden, dark,
mother, spilling everywhere


A Blackout poem inspired by the poem “The Question of My Mother” by Robin Ekiss:

The question of my mother is on the table.
The dark box of her mind is also there,
the garden of everywhere
we used to walk together. 

Among the things the body doesn’t know,
it is the dark box I return to most:
fallopian city engrained in memory,
ghost-orchid egg in the arboretum, 

 hinged lid forever bending back and forth
open to me, then closed
like the petals of the paperwhite narcissus.
What would it take to make a city in me?

Dark arterial streets, neglected ovary
hard as an acorn hidden in its dark box
on the table: Mother, I am
out of my mind, spilling everywhere.

Source: Poetry (November 2007)

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