Kimo Day 1

It was a lovely detour. I was away for a brief holiday spent on the shore of the Atlantic. Now that I’m back, time to head into another poetry form for July. The Kimo. Here’s the first one. Description below.

the years have a way of blurring the past,
life infused with bitter and sweet
a blessed fugue of bliss


Kimo poems are an Israeli version of haiku. Apparently, there was a need for more syllables in Hebrew. That said, most of the rules are still familiar:
• 3 lines.
• No rhymes.
• 10 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 6 in the third.

Also, the kimo is focused on a single frozen image (kind of like a snapshot). So it’s uncommon to have any movement happening in kimo poems.

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