Sevenling (life emerging) – 12 June 2019

Sevenling (life emerging)

life is emerging in the nooks and
hollows, it’s singing from the eaves
of my century old home

house finch hatchlings beaks agape
kittens, four of them, three white,
one black under the porch

a mourning dove coos from the cable line


(True story…😊)

The elements of the Sevenling are:
1. a heptastich, a poem in 7 lines made up of 2 tercets followed by a single line. metered at the discretion of the poet.
2. unrhymed.
3. composed with 3 complimentary images in the first tercet and 3 parallel images in the second tercet. The end line is a juxtaposed summary of the 2 parallels, a sort of “punchline”.
4. the poem should be titled “Sevenling: (first few words of poem).

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