February Poem #1

…to a fountain pen

bleeding peacock blue
words in fluid cursive scroll
inspiration from the muse
written bits of soul
empty sheets of parchment rendered whole


For February I’ll be focusing on the ordinary (as in ordinary, everyday people, places, or things) using a new form I am calling a Horatiodet. See what I did there? It’s a portmanteau that combines the words Horacian+Ode+et. A Horatiodet is a total of 5 lines, syllable count: 5-7-7-5-9 / rhyme scheme: ababb. In other words, it is a short Horacian Ode (only one stanza), a form based on the style of Horace, Quintus Horatius Flaccus (December 8, 65 BC – November 27, 8 BC), the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus.

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