January Biolet #10

Let them have yard sales!

while talking heads weigh strategies
vile politicians bloviate
poor people clamor at the gates
devoured in calamity
vile politicians bloviate
while talking heads weigh strategies


Hundreds of thousands of hard-working government employees will go without there first paycheck tomorrow. Some of the suggestions being floated to people as ways to make ends meet include, offer to walk your neighbor’s dog, become a mystery shopper, offer to do odd jobs for your landlord (in lieu of rent) or, this one takes the cake (yes, pun intended), have a yard sale.

It’s all big news. Great for ratings. But behind the headlines real people are hurting. I’m not sure when all this is going to end. But it needs to end soon. And no, I don’t believe a wall will fix it. ☹️

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