August – Stanzas 28-29

Another two-fer for yesterday’s and today’s entries for Jane Dougherty’s August Stanza Challenge. As some of you know I’m visiting my two youngest grandchildren this week. To add a little excitement to my visit, as if a newborn and a two year old aren’t enough excitement, I had a nasty encounter with the screen door. It took a chunk out of my ankle. And so a dozen or so stitches later I am propped up with my foot elevated, a newborn napping on my chest while a rambunctious two year old is off to the mall for some special mommy-daddy time away from her new little sissy. Welcome to my life…believe me, I’m not complaining. I am soaking up this grandma time! 😊❤️😊.

It is fitting then to write about two very strong women from my past. One was a psychopath, and the other, her rival, was a Valkyrie, a mother and grandmother. Badass is a term I have often seen used in accounts referring to them both. I give you Fredegund and Brunhilda…you can read more about their rivalry and their lives HERE.

Danes had nothing on my great grand Fredegund
a vile, vicious mistress determined to be queen
convinced King Chilperic to kill his sleeping wife
even her own daughter suffered from her jealousy
but her bitterest arch rival was, in fact, a Valkyrie

Valkyrie, Brunhilda, from my many branch-ed tree
ultimately met her end by Fredegund’s own son
40 years of vengeance, in the end, nobody won
evil can’t sustain a never-ending terror reign
eventually the good will find a way to win again


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