Autumn – Stanza 10

hair of red, and a rotten tooth of blue, Harald,
son of Gorm the Old, he built a bridge or two
one the oldest, longest known in Scandinavia’s
Ravning meadow; the other ‘tween the Danes and
Norse; hence ended by his bastard son, poor fellow


For Jane Dougherty’s August Stanza Challenge.

My 35th Great Grandfather, Harold “Bluetooth” is remembered for bridging the divide between the Danes and Norwegians when he became king of both countries and also for his “miracle” conversion hence, bringing Christianity to the pagans of Denmark. Though I’ve read it would take some time before his countrymen came on board. His nickname became the inspiration for our modern wireless Bluetooth technology. Now you know. Next time you pop a wireless earbud in your ear, you’ll think of Harald I’m thinking. 😊

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