Autumn – Stanza 7

A day late. Had it ready to go last evening…life…and then i fell asleep before posting it. I owe you one more Stanza for today 😊

penned in history’s tomes the story of a clan
who’s roots trace back to greatness, to the loins
of Charlemagne; a certain noble lineage
Trowbridge, one such name, of Thomas and
Elizabeth, great grands from whence I came


For Jane Dougherty’s August Stanza Challenge.

It has been said that many people can trace their roots to Charlemagne. When one considers that families back in the day had a dozen or more children, generation to generation, it is not hard to believe that his progeny are legion. But I was certainly surprised to find my own family line weaved into that infamous tapestry. My 12th great grands, are Thomas Trowbridge born in 1598, who was the first Trowbridge to cross the Atlantic to America, along with his wife Elizabeth, nee Marshall. I am a descendant of their son James and all the begats thereafter.

I was thinking…I might even be related to some of you. It’s possible you know. From the beginning of humankind to now, Adam and Eve aside, I believe we are all kin. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get along? 😉

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