Headlines – Terza Rima 2d

just for sport, midst chaos, a diversion,
pour la France, la victoire a un goût sucré
goaled advance toward world domination

while allies deal with Vlad’s dim protege
a baby blimp, above the palace, looms
vain, indecorous trumping underway


A twofer today…so much news…so little space. How could I not include France’s victory over Belgium, advancing them to the final challenge for the World Cup. Bravo!

But that is not the only world news. This is definitely not Belgium’s week…first losing the semifinal match with France and now hosting the NATO summit; having to contend with Trump’s vile, divisive bloviating. I have to say it, though I’m sure it is of little consolation to our allies…I didn’t vote for Trump…and it bears reminding that he did in fact LOSE the popular vote in 2016. Our broken system launched him into the oval despite our best attempt to thwart his rise to power. Sorry… we are (most of us) so embarrassed!

Thanks again Jane for this daily poem prompting.

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