Morning Noise – 42 Day 21

dawn stirs all a-chitter…why, it’s literally a-twitter

to trills of titmice, chickadees, and sparrows
in sync with the tap-tap of red-bellied peckers

crows on the wing, cawing, brown buzzards glide, looming
‘neath darkening skies, as storm clouds swell, glooming,
a yellow-capped orange-beak, “I hereby demand…” tweeting


It was lovely while it lasted. The sweet sounds of morning, soft light, fragrant mist wafting from the damp, dewy ground. And then I made the mistake of tuning in to the news. I couldn’t resist poking fun at the crazy cacophony that was this Monday morning. 😉 For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poetry Challenge, 42.

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