Magnetic Poetry Saturday

Something different this week. Instead of creating a digital photo creation for the poetry that emerges from the magnets, I’m letting you in on the creative process, my dance with the muse, so to speak.  What do you think? Do you like seeing the words that didn’t make the cut? I find them quite compelling…

beneath the forest
green every living
thing is wild and
free though they
are deeply rooted
in stone

the best we can
hope for in life
is love and peace,
laughter and luck…
a bit of chocolate
always helps

though you are crushed
by life’s storms be
not bitter for it is
after the rain that
a garden smells
her sweetest

coffee breath kisses
warm lips, moist
with hints of
salt and caramel
devouring me slowly
my heart’s desire…
mornings like this

Happy Saturday!


Create your own verse HERE.

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