Magnetic Poetry Saturday

I must confess I am a creature of community and I am distressed. We are beset with violence, hatred and the hero worship of dictators, and in my country, the blind following of a monster who uses his wealth and power to objectify and assault women ( and others who are different). Our culture needs a reboot but sadly we are caught in a downward spiral, some of us watch in horror while others of us fall in lockstep  supporting this monster, aka Trump. The magnetic word oracle had someting to say about the latest revelation of his character, or rather I should say, lack of character, this morning…😕

to the chicks of the world
Mr smooth operator dude
is an impressive man’s man
believing he is a hot, rockin’
sexy, life of the party guy
saying, “come on baby, smile…
you know you want this…” 🙁

kat ~ 8 October 2016
(Magnetic Poetry – Mustache Kit)

A magnetic poem for Elusive Trope’s weekly challenge. (Link pending)

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