April’s Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #11


Photo Credit: pixabay.com…It’s been a day!

Happy…happy? Monday? Sometimes Mondays are…MONDAYS! Oh I’m being polite. Sometimes Monday’s are a BITCH! Today was one of THOSE Mondays!

But I made a commitment to try a new poetry form each day this month, and so I shall! I give you the “Lai”. It’s French for “Lai”. At least that’s what my translator says. Original eh?!

The Lai is at least one stanza of nine lines with 2 rhymes between lines “a” and “b”. The rhyme sequence is: aabaabaab. And just to make it interesting, the “a” lines have 5 syllables and the “b” lines have 2 syllables. Got it?

It’s a challenging little form. If you’re adventurous, there is a variation called the Lai Nouveau with similar rhyme sequences, 16 lines and repeating lines! Yikes! I think I’ll save that for a day when I have a brain! Today all I got is a lai poem about a lai!

The Lai

This form is called Lai
one stanza, nine lines
Let’s see…
It follows strict rhyme
Line “A” rhymes six times
“B” three
“A” syllable’s five
Two “B”
A challenge to try
This I can’t deny
Oh me!!!

kat ~ 11 April 2016
(I’m even more confused!!!!)

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