April Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #12

It is day 12 of Poetry month. Today’s poetry form is all about the number 12. Developed in 12th century Japan, it is a variation of the Haiku.  But instead of three lines in 5-7-5 syllable sequence, it contains four lines of 12 syllables each, pausing mid-line after 7. Called the Imayo, this lyrical form is often employed in Kabuki Japanese theatre, and is associated with the type of song that requires recitation in a high pitch.

Here is the breakdown of an Imayo poem: 4 lines; each line 12 syllables broken by a pause after the 7th syllable.


Rain settles on parched soil, pooling in puddles,
never to quench thirsty roots, darkness imprisoned.
Truth settles on shuttered minds, spinning in sound bites,
never to be enlightened, prisoners of fear.

kat ~ 12 April 2016

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