Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 10 April 2016

Happy Sunday to you and welcome to another installment of ReVerse. After weeks of random, discombobulated reverse summaries, this week seems a bit more connected. I’m not sure how that happened because I never plan these things in advance. Sunday’s look back is always wysiwyg.

This week I challenged myself to write a poem a day while exploring a new poetry form each time. It has been a learning week, and while the resulting poetry may be simple, clumsy attempts at writing, there is one thing that is positively true…I wrote something every day!

I am truly grateful to have this place to write. The fact that so many of you pause to read my words is more wonderful than I could have imagined. Thank you.

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 10 April 2016

healing hovers on the cusp | urging me to draw within
beyond the veil
descend like nectar
brilliance in-between
dew still clinging to the leaves
a secret to its keeper is a burden.
billowing blustering
glimpses of past moments
centuries ago
like moth to flame is drawn into the light
wings unfurled
off to do our business then
it’s a natural…


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