Star*Child  Haiku


Zoe in a Tutu ~ kat 2015

Stars taunt us with hope
ravenous for our wishes
childhood is lost.

kat ~ 2 February 2016

(Stars taunt us with hope, ravenous for our wishes. / Ravenous for our wishes, childhood is lost.)

A Haiku for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompts were Star & Child. Initially my head filled with innocent angelic-like cherubs hanging on moonbeams and dancing with the stars…but it felt too easy to fall into the obvious. I took a decidedly darker view. We hope our wishes upon stars will come true, but the reality that stars do not have the power to impact our lives is probably one of the first lessons learned as a child.  So begins a life then of learning to appreciate the value of every experience good or bad. Loss of innocence perhaps, but a gain of wisdom in return. 🙂

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