The Mechanic’s Helper

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“So as I was telling you, Marge has been beside herself since she found out about Carol and….”

“Sweetie, pass me the pliers, please.”

“Which ones are those? The red handled thingamabobs?”

“No, that’s the wrench…black handle.”

“Okay. Here you go. …Carol and Tom. Do you know they have the nerve to show up together at the…”

“I’ll take that wrench now…red handle?”

“So this is a wrench. Here you go. …the party that Marge is hosting with Sue Ann. I’m not sure if she should be mad at Sue Ann or was Sue Ann that…”

“Throw me that rag, will ya? Almost done here.”

“Danny…Which rag? You have three. The red, the green or…”

“Red’s good. Thanks babe.”

“…well Sue Ann invited the two of them. She must know it will be upsetting…”

“All done! Wanna know what I think? Tom’s a jerk and you should probably watch your back around that Sue Ann…”

“Exactly! Just what I was thinking!”

(Dan was a very smart man! A smart man indeed!)

kat ~ 3 February 2016

(173 Words)

This story is inspired by the photo above, provided by Pixabay and my friend PJ at FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers). Read other stories or enter you own HERE.

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