The Unscientific Science of Weather Predicting


Photo Credit: Thinkstock

For centuries we’ve placed our hope
upon a groundling whistle pig
as gather we on Candlemas
to celebrate his yearly gig.

No fancy dopplered modern tools
can out-predict his artistry
he simply takes a look outside
to see what he has come to see.

If sunshine greets him at the dawn
he’ll likely turn his tail and hide
foreshadowing a distant Spring
‘tis fog that coaxes him outside.

Some think it’s foolish to rely
on rodents for one’s weather cues
they trust the educated guess
of weather people on the news!

But it’s a fuzzy science at best
the wise will take the groundhog’s lead
Your best predictor for the day?
Just have a look, that’s all you need!

kat ~ 2 February 2016


Overcast…wet? It looks like a rainy day to me! 🙂


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