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If not when our hearts are bleeding, when?

…meanwhile…in Roanoke, Virginia…  

As the initial shock of the senseless murders of two journalists fades, I had hoped this weekend would be like any other. I have a cake to bake and gifts to wrap in celebration of my grandson’s 5th year on this planet. But I can’t get past the senselessness of this most recent act by a mentally deranged madman because it happened to my community. And I admit I feel guilty for not feeling equally as shocked and upset when it happened to others.  Especially when there are things that can and should be done. Other civilized nations have figured it out. Why are we struggling to figure it out? Maybe I’m not meant to get over it. Perhaps my calling now is to join the voices from other communities in the hope that we will eventually reach a critical tipping point as we all demand “enough!”

Poetry helps me express my deepest feelings. I’ll let this verse be my final lament…

this page of our
collective story stings
from drops of salty
tears, rivulets of ink
collide, muddling
the truth…
but soon enough
another page will
manifest in dreadful
déjà vu, the
folly of our dense
some memories
refuse to die,
each tear stained
page a conscience
cue, to summon
us to write our
it’s up to us to
right this grisly
narrative, to seize
control from witless
forgers once for all
to simply pen

kat 29 aug 2015

Friday Haiku Word of the Day Challenge…”Opprobrious”


Today’s word was quite the challenge for Haiku because it is, on its own a high syllable word…but in light of tragedies this week in Roanoke, Va, where I live…a relevant word to consider…offering a bit a irony…

Haiku Opprobrious 

Truth is revealed
through opprobrious actions
Tables set for tea

kat 28aug2015

(The challenge: Use’s Word of the Day in a Haiku – a three line poem with 5 syllables on line 1 & 3 and 7 syllables on line 2)

Multi-tasking…A Six Word Story

Multi-tasking overwhelms mindfulness…a true story.


I just realized this morning that I have been going a mile-a-minute for the past few weeks.  “Just realized” is a sad statement on the current condition of my goal to live mindfully…embracing each moment.  In my corporate job multi-tasking is a prized attribute. A buzzword that looks impressive on a resume and if executed earns kudos in job reviews, but it can get the best of me if I’m not careful. How did I even squeeze out enough time to consider that I had fallen off the wagon? Well, I rather think it was the Moment tapping me on the shoulder. I started to feel uninspired, frustrated, and hurried, even though I did not have any particular place to be. And I am sorry to say I suffered for several days in this uneasiness until I figured it out. Losing the interest to write brought me full-face to the pavement. Wow! How did I let myself get so out of balance?

It’s a slippery slope as they say. And while I’d like to blame it on my daytime job, I can’t. My workdays are always busy, running into each other with hardly a break from one day to the next. No, the onus is entirely on me, my will and my lack of attention and determination to eek out the space and time to be in those moments that sustain me.  Not to mention, remembering to breathe. And not the unconscious in and out whiffs that we all do without thinking.  No, it’s the “stop what I’m doing, focus on my center, deep inhale, slow exhale breathing” I’m talking about. It’s something I desperately need.

So, what is the solution? How do I get back on track?

First, I need to shed the idea that moments and finding them are spontaneous little magic miracles that just happen taking me by surprise. Even though moments and miracles happen every second of every day, they don’t become “my” moments unless I am paying attention. And incredibly, because they are happening everywhere, all the time, just waiting to be discovered, all I need to do is stop…breathe…and open my eyes. There is no limit to what each moment holds and each precious one is ours for the taking…and embracing!

Second, I need to stop taking things that don’t matter so seriously. I mean, SERIOUSLY, a year from now…or a month from now, or even tomorrow, will whatever it is that I’m angsting over really matter? If not, then I need to learn to let it go. To empty my mind to make room for the good stuff. It is impossible to live the optimistic, positive life I have chosen for myself without doing a little housecleaning on a regular basis.

And Third, I need stop beating myself up over losing my way. It’s not the end of the world after all to have slipped a bit …unless it is actually the end of the world, but I am convinced that even then, there will be something amazing to reflect on in the moment. Because moments are like that. Moments are infinite blessings with no beginning or end…eternal bliss.

And with that, I shall bid you adieu.  I have a long-overdue appointment with a moment that I cannot miss. It’s going to be amazing.  I just know it!



Six Word Story Challenge 2

Best friends…then their eyes locked.

Final Blogging 101 Assignment

Final assignment: Create an Editorial Calendar. As a way to promote consistency and discipline by sticking to a schedule for a particular blog feature.

I do blobber frequently when left to my own devices, but this new assignment will allow me to assess what is working, what is not, running themes that might be cropping up and will provide me a place to vent on current events. Keeping that blabber in one’s head could drive one loonie! 😊

I haven’t settled on a title yet but here are the particulars…

1. A review of my previous week’s posts…my thoughts, themes (is there a pattern happening that I missed), and links to interesting other blog posts that inspired me. 😉

2. A review of world events during the previous week, particularly the stuff that grabbed me. 😳

3. A brief look at the week ahead.

See next Sunday then for my first week in review.  Have a great week yourself!


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