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The Webs – Part 2

99 words today for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday FIctioneers Photo Prompt Challenge. (Photo Prompt by ©️Victor and Sarah Potter.) When I saw the photo I could not resist doing a Part 2 to last Week’s story

PHOTO PROMPT © Victor and Sarah Potter
The Webs – Part 2

Dr. Lloyd’s horrible demise had been captured in real time on video revealing the terrible truth about the beautiful webs. As the images went viral fear gripped the hearts of people worldwide.

Every nation joined forces against the alien attack. Military teams were dispatched to the landing sites with orders to torch the web pods, and tanks armed with missiles were sent to deal with the creatures.

But it was too late. While the world slept that fateful night, the creatures had laid millions of eggs that hatched at the first light of day…and the arachnoid hatchlings were hungry.


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