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August – Stanza 8

came on horseback through the town, they say, naked
as the day that she was born, a selfless act, the debt she paid
to lift the tolls her husband waged on townsfolk, how she
pitied them, Lady Godgifu, whilst they hid, their windows shut
but for a tailor so called Thomas who rued his choice to peep


For Jane Dougherty’s August Stanza Challenge.

I know what you’re thinking…REALLY? Well the naked ride is the stuff of legend. But Godgifu, Countess of Mercia and her husband Leofric, Earl of Mercia, actually did exist. They are my 34th great grandparents. And not only that, Lady Godiva, as we know her shares my birthday, June 2. How serendipitous! Perhaps I get my flair for activism for causes I believe in from her. Not that I would disrobe to make a point, but I have stood in my share of protest crowds in towns and even in Washington DC. Every voice matters. 🙂

The Begats:

“Lady Godiva” Godgifu (980 – 1067)
34th great-grandmother
Earl of Mercia Alfgar (1002 – 1059)
Son of “Lady Godiva” Godgifu
LUCIA (Countess Chester) DeMercia (1040 – 1080)
Daughter of Earl of Mercia Alfgar
Lucy Countess Chester Taillebois (1068 – 1136)
Daughter of LUCIA (Countess Chester) DeMercia
Ranulph II (Earl of Chester) De Meschines (1099 – 1153)
Son of Lucy Countess Chester Taillebois
Hugh DeMeschines (1147 – 1181)
Son of Ranulph II (Earl of Chester) De Meschines
Agnes DeMeschines (1174 – 1247)
Daughter of Hugh DeMeschines
William, III, 5th Earl of Derby De Ferrers (1193 – 1254)
Son of Agnes DeMeschines
Matilda Maud de Ferrers (1228 – 1298)
Daughter of William, III, 5th Earl of Derby De Ferrers
Joan Countess of Chewton de Vivonne+ (1250 – 1314)
Daughter of Matilda Maud de Ferrers
Margaret FitzPiers (1274 – 1300)
Daughter of Joan Countess of Chewton de Vivonne+
Roger WINTER (1300 – 1325)
Son of Margaret FitzPiers
Richard Winter (1325 – 1350)
Son of Roger WINTER
William Winter (1350 – 1398)
Son of Richard Winter
Elizabeth Winter (1384 – 1408)
Daughter of William Winter
John Reade (1408 – 1434)
Son of Elizabeth Winter
Thomas READE (1434 – 1460)
Son of John Reade
John Reade (1460 – 1503)
Son of Thomas READE
William Reade (1485 – 1534)
Son of John Reade
ALICE READ (1512 – 1556)
Daughter of William Reade
Thomas Trowbridge (1542 – 1619)
John Trowbridge (1570 – 1649)
Son of Thomas Trowbridge
Thomas Trowbridge (1598 – 1672)
Son of John Trowbridge
Deacon James Trowbridge (1636 – 1717)
Son of Thomas Trowbridge
Hannah Trowbridge (1672 – 1728)
Daughter of Deacon James Trowbridge
Daniel Greenwood (1704 – 1775)
Son of Hannah Trowbridge
Sarah Greenwood (1734 – 1808)
Daughter of Daniel Greenwood
Sibbel Roper (1758 – 1826)
Daughter of Sarah Greenwood
Susanna Walker (1787 – 1814)
Daughter of Sibbel Roper
Sybil Roper Adams (1810 – 1881)
Daughter of Susanna Walker
Mary Jane Totten (1830 – 1891)
Daughter of Sybil Roper Adams
Mary H. Tower (1836 – 1883)
Daughter of Mary Jane Totten
John Henry Collins (1868 – )
Son of Mary H. Tower
Sylvia Collins (1892 – 1972)
Daughter of John Henry Collins
William Collins Cunningham (1909 – 1967)
Son of Sylvia Collins
Dorothy Ellen Cunningham (1933 – 2006)
Daughter of William Collins Cunningham
Kathleen Myrman (there I am again…:))
You are the daughter of Dorothy Ellen Cunningham

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